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  • Who’s the group for?
  • How do I get there?
  • What’s the venue like?
  • What happens when I’m there?
  • Who are the facilitators?umbrella

Who’s the group for?
The group will be open to, and supportive of, anyone over 18 who feels they fit/belong under the “trans umbrella” – this includes those questioning, part time, or not out, and all non-binary and genderqueer identities as well as all those identifying as transgender or transsexual, or with a transgender or transsexual history.

Trans members may also bring up to two supporters.

How do I get there?
We don’t advertise the venue publicly, to keep it safe, but please email us for details. Occasionally we may be able to help with transport costs. We can also meet people at a nearby location to assist finding the venue.

What’s the venue like?
The group will meet in a privately hired room. The building is close to city centre, public transport, and on street metered parking. There is space to get changed, gender neutral toilets, break away space. We have considered as many access issues as we can, (e.g. mobility access, sensory environment and acoustics, non-binary inclusion) but please let us know if you have specific access needs. Unfortunately, there is a step up to the breakaway room, but everywhere else is fully accessible.

What happens when I’m there?
biscuitWe will try and have a structure to the evening but nothing too formal. At the start, supporters and trans members can mingle, get a drink and a biscuit (decaf, vegan and gluten free available!). There will be an activity table where you can make badges with names and pronouns, and other crafts if you would like time out. There’s plenty of space and also a separate room and a gender neutral toilet if you need to get changed.  At some point, supporters will break away into another room for part of the evening. We recognise that some people may be both trans and supporters, and may wish to be in different spaces at different times. This is the approximate meeting schedule we use.

Who are the facilitators?
There will be at least 2 community trained volunteer facilitators present at all times, and one will always be trans. All volunteers have trans awareness, inclusion and accessibility training.