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This page gives details about how the group is run:

  • Ground rules
  • Facilitation
  • Statement of Inclusion
  • Complaints
  • Steering Group

Ground Rules

We won’t repeat what someone says to us without their permission unless someone is at risk if we don’t. We won’t reveal they come to the group. Confidentiality Policy
Safe and Compassionate
We treat each other as carefully as possible, being mindful of how other group members might feel about strong words or loud voices.
No Assumptions
About someone’s gender, pronouns, history, transition, identity, differences, origins, nor will we be expected to declare them
Accepting Difference 
We celebrate, make space for and are considerate of difference – different backgrounds, cultures, abilities, appearances, self-identities, needs, experiences and stories.
No “One Way”
There are so many ways to be trans and no way is better than another. We embrace uncertainty, changing language, fluid identity, medical and non-medical transitions.
Clear consent is needed for things like touching, making contact with someone outside the group, involving someone in an activity. People need to be able to say no/opt out.
Content Warnings
We will make an effort to let people know upfront what is going to be discussed so people can step away if they wish.
OK to Make Mistakes
We are all still learning. If someone gets something wrong, correct them as gently as possible. If someone corrects you, accept it and move on.
We will be careful to make room for voices that are less heard – we will be aware when we have spoken a lot, and we will make sure we only speak one at a time.
Facilitators – Here to Help
Talk to facilitators about any worries, conflicts or problems. They have external support to work things through without impacting the group.


  • Are NOT leaders, but are here to hold the space, keep it safe and accessible.
  • Will have quarterly peer supervision
  • Will listen to and act on all feedback
  • Will speak privately to any individual who disrupts the group or creates an access issue for others
  • Will be mindful of access needs, including conflicting access needs
  • Have been trained in trans awareness, LGBT issues and access/inclusion issues
  • Are committed to proactively promoting an anti-oppressive space
  • Will actively work for the inclusion of marginalised people
  • Are accountable through the steering group

Statement of Inclusion

Trans Space Notts is committed to actively work towards safer spaces for the most vulnerable, marginalised and seldom heard members of our community. In addition to using the Notts Trans Hub Safer Space Guidelines , there is an ongoing commitment to developing inclusive practices and ensuring full participation from people who are disabled, black and minority ethnic, intersex, neurodivergent, vulnerably housed, or vulnerable to discrimination based on employment, immigration status, marital status, gender, relationship setup, romantic or sexual orientation, age, religion, political belief, nationality, HIV status or other health issue.


If you have any concerns about the group, whether it is related to another member or a facilitator, please follow this procedure.

1. Only if you feel safe to do so, speak to the person concerned by taking them to one side
2. Speak to another facilitator about the issue if it is still troubling you.
a. If appropriate, they will first speak to the person concerned, or help you to do so.
b. If this does not resolve things, they will discuss the issue with the steering group and come back to you before the next meeting with a way forward.
3. If you are not satisfied, you may approach Nottingham Women’s Centre at 30 Chaucer St, Nottingham NG1 5LP
4. Anonymous feedback can be left here

 Steering Group

The Steering group is made up of members of Notts Trans Hub and local trans people and their supporters. Interested people may attend steering group meetings as a one off or become regular members.